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Just a Few Companies We've Helped Grow

We're proud to say we've helped our companies raise over $100+ million in funding.

  • Leadcrunch
  • Studysoup
  • IBM
  • White Shark Media
  • Currecny.
  • Meet Select
  • Studypool
  • Sideline
  • Agent Beta
  • Blackmarket
  • Burstorm
  • Azazie
  • Dil Mil
  • Ex Capsa
  • Shopify

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Meredith Wood - Fundera

    Verma Media has made marketing easy. Their team delivers meaningful ROI, every time, and continues to amaze me with the results.

    Richard Werbe Founder & CEO, Studypool
  • Mike Elson - Success Magazine

    These guys are at the top in terms of ROI. If you want results, go to Verma. Period.

    Eghosa Aihie Founder, Alumkey
  • Chad Halvorson - When I Work

    I've worked with over 60 marketing firms in my career. None have come close to Verma Media. They grew my online business 400%.

Our Process

  1. Goal
  2. Strategy
  3. Test
  4. Optimize
  5. Convert

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Content Creation & Company Branding

Behind every great brand is even greater content.

Brand Presence: How you build it, and how to keep it. That’s what great content and press are all about.

The marketing industry has changed. In the past, you could make a pretty press release, send it to hundreds of journalists, get noticed, and make it to the top of search.

Today, it's all about delivering value through multiple channels. Providing value-rich content in the form of blogs, white papers, ebooks, and infographics is the name of the game. Content is the tool that will help you build your reputation, search ranking, and customer acquisition channels.

60% of marketers say content marketing is their #1 inbound marketing focus.

We're here to help. Produce great content, rank higher in Google, and get more attention. Welcome to your one-stop shop content optimization firm.

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Where Our Content Often Shows Up

  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Huffington Post
  • Forbes
  • Fast Company
  • Young Entrepreneur Council
  • Mashable
  • Inc.
  • Fortune
  • Social Media Explorer
  • Shopify
  • Business 2 Community
  • Venture Beat
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • Wall Street Journal

Advertising: Video, Press, Email Campaigns, & More

Advertising campaigns come down to testing channels, seeing which one works, then pouring fuel on the fire.

Successful advertising campaigns come from being adaptable, innovative, and consistent. From unifying branding in the media, to adding a brand voice to your email marketing campaigns, we know how to help you get the most bang for your buck.

First, we identify the goal. Then, we tinker with a few different strategies until we find the perfect fit. From there, we optimize, exploit, and repeat. When it all comes together, it's a beautiful thing to watch.

80% of marketers aren't happy with their lead generation efforts. Join the 20%.

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The core of any digital marketing strategy is still getting found on search. We're experts in Google's changing landscape and know what you need to do to boost your presence on search engines.

66% of marketers say they need to improve their organic growth. If you're one of them, you've come to the right place.

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