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Case Study

Consensus AI

Consensus AI is an open-source decentralized artificial intelligence platform.

It’s powered by native cryptocurrency and built with a vision for improving governance mechanisms at all levels of organizational structures.

After having built a community of 15,000 members on their Telegram, Verma was tasked with not only maintaining their followers, but also increasing engagement and interaction within the community.

Quite simply, we aimed to make the conversation less about speculation over the currency’s price and more about the project’s vision.

What We Did

  • Community Mgmt
  • Reputation Mgmt
  • Strategy


Verma implemented a game into the Telegram channel called Token Trivia Challenge.

The goal for Token Trivia Challenge was to share a direct question with the community about the Consensus AI project.

The first person to respond with the best answer received a prize.

This created a mechanism for conversations to remain on-topic, as well as increased responsiveness to an admin’s post, and encouraged conversation amongst members.


1. Within days, community members were engaging with the Token Trivia Challenge.

2. Because of the trivia, the group increased from 14,500 followers to 15,000 thanks to native and organic conversation

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