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Case Study


Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

As a project that’s a global collaboration hosted by The Linux Foundation, as a partner, IBM struggled with the public perception that Hyperledger was owned by them.

People believed that Hyperledger was controlled by IBM rather than open governance, which hindered their architecture of Hyperledger Fabric from becoming more widespread.

Tasked with helping people understand IBM’s monumental contribution the blockchain community, we had to change the perception of their involvement in decentralized projects.

What We Did

  • Community Mgmt
  • Public Relations
  • Reputation Mgmt
  • Strategy


Urged influencers outside of IBM to describe Hyperledger as an openly governed community, with IBM as one of many members and contributors.This was done by:

1. Planning and executing influencer recruitment campaigns, which included both:

-Videocast of Influencers, as well as

-Creating blog content to drive awareness

2. Promoting IBM activities at SXSW on social media.

3. Content creation for influencer marketing

4. Getting Hyperledger and other companies to publicly assert that it was an openly governed community, including why open governance is significantly better.

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