Consensus AI

Case Study

Consensus is an the open-source decentralized artificial intelligence platform, powered by native cryptocurrency and built with a vision of improving governance mechanisms at all levels of organizational structures. Consensus reached out to Verma post-fundraising with a pre-built Telegram community of 15k people. The challenge was not only to maintain followers, but to increase engagement and interaction in the community and redirect conversation about cryptocurrency speculation to the overall project and vision.


Create a Token Trivia Challenge. Token Trivia Challenges share a direct question with the community about the project. The first person to respond with the best answer receives a prize. This creates on-topic conversation, increases responsiveness to admin posts, and encourages conversation among members (including healthy debates).


1. Within days, community members became quick to respond to Trivia Questions. Conversations began to shift from token price to project specifics.
2. The group increased from 14,500 followers to 15,000 thanks to native and organic conversation of this trivia.