Case Study

Orthogonal is a socially conscious holding company that provides strategic capital and vital resources to help positive impact businesses scale. They needed help navigating a new market – blockchain. Orthogonal tapped Verma Media to develop digital support for engagement and awareness.

They needed a team capable of developing a custom landing page that properly emulated their brand, creating ads, and managing paid campaigns on Facebook and across all social channels.


1. Create a logo and brand identity
2. Jumpstart WeFunder fundraising campaign for Orthogonal Collective through hyper-targeted Facebook advertising
3. Place features in relevant news outlets to increase awareness

4. Design a newsletter template to maintain consistent branding
5. Build interactive landing page from design to development
6. Create a litepaper from scratch


Created a digital presence and brand awareness

1. Matched offline events in Facebook Ads Manager to create and measure an ROI ratio of $1:$13 for Orthogonao Thinker WeFunder Campaign.
2. Placed features in Forbes and INC.
3. Created newsletter design